Monthly Archives: February 2008

PHP Soap Server, Part 1: Introduction to WSDL

In this multi-part blog im going to talk through how to set up a php soap (Simple Object Access Protocol) server that can be added as a web-reference through visual studio. Im mainly doing this because it took me along time to figure out the finer details of wsdl and soap, and i’d like to try and save other people the same hassle.

The example soap service that i will build for demonstration purposes will be a simple schedule service, that can be queried to find out what meeting is next and todays meeting schedule.

All the code/wsdl/xml is available here
And the demo client and server

PHP Soap Server, Part 2: PHP Server and Client (more…)

C# Console Framework

This is a small side project that i did in my first year of university, I’ve since updated it as it was a bit hacky and built for .net v1 (now v2).
It can :

  • Read text, integer and float values from the console, while validating them within the given limits
  • Show simple menus
  • Show Titles (see below)

And all with a cool border/scrolling effect! (more…)